In Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, residents can see artist Laura Lynn Lashley’s work on a larger-than-life 100-feet long nature-inspired mural. It is a focal point of Bailey Park, the newest addition to the creative landscape in the urban innovation district.

Like the true artist that she is, Lashley did not come to the project with pre-conceived notions. She took some color chips and followed her intuition that led her to paint an abstract scene depicting clouds, sun and sky. The soothing mural stretches underneath Bailey Park’s special events stage and frames out landscaped gardens.

“Laura’s mural is the perfect addition to Bailey Park,” said Eric Tomlinson, president of Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. “Her bright and airy artwork provides a wonderful backdrop for this central meeting place for innovation and creativity.”

Laura Lashley’s long-time commitment to Winston-Salem made her the right choice for the project. Her work is seen throughout the city; her paintings and murals can be found at businesses, galleries, coffee shops, a restaurant and a school, to name a few. Walk into Yadkin Riverkeeper’s interior office and you will see Lashley’ work. Over dinner at Mary’s Gourmet Diner you can gaze at an inspired Lashley piece. Beer lovers enjoy her art at Small Batch Beer Co.

Lashley is a true “art farmer” and has worked for decades with Winston-Salem artists groups like Seed, a collective with a mission to “plant” art in the city. The former Art-o-mat artist has made more than one studio her home, dating back to Atelier in the arts district. Volunteering in galleries is in her blood along with organizing fundraisers for various causes and donating art to organizations such as the Arts Based School.

Lashley’s current project for the Fairfield Inn & Suites (walking distance from the Innovation Quarter) is a collaborative effort with artists from The Enrichment Center. She also transforms personal spaces for residential clients.

When she is not on a job location Lashley keeps her creative juices flowing at the Electric Pyramid Studio, a former funeral home and barber college located just one block north of Wake Forest Biotech Place. Lashley shares that space with 16 other artists. Some of her work finds its way to Design Archives™ Emporium where buyers can take home a piece of wearable art in the shape of an apparel piece or a painted purse.

Recently Lashley passed by Bailey Park on the way to Krankies Coffee. For an instant she wondered what city she was in. “Innovation Quarter has totally transformed the city,” she said. “It blows my mind.”

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